Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 5:26pm by Ellie Reeve

Let’s face it., there are hardly any real life fairy tales around nowadays. Prince William and Kate Middleton have become our modern fairy tale couple. He’s got the lineage, and they’ve got the looks and a modern attitude towards life. Truth be told, we also still hold a soft spot in our hearts for William’s mother Diana and will always be interested in the lives of both of her sons.

Brits seem to be over the moon about the birth of the Cambridge baby boy at 8lbs 6oz and yes, Americans are happy for the couple also. Why not? There’s enough going on the world to be upset about.

William seems to have learned about how to deal with the media from watching what his mother went through. We hope this will keep the family in touch with reality now that he is scheduled to return to London from their isolated village in Wales and perform more “Royal duties.”

Cambridge baby is third in line for the throne but will he live long enough to become King? His great grandmother is in control of her title after 61years and still chugging along.

Maybe when he’s old enough, the little prince should think about an alternate career, possibly something in entertainment. He’ll have experience “performing” before crowds, being poised at all times. Add a little training in song, dance or acting and we think he’d be huge success.

Of course, he can give it all up when his turn at being King arrives…or maybe he can do both at the same time. What a way to have a captive audience!

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