Is The Bachelor Good for Romance?

Posted on Feb 27 2013 - 9:49pm by Melanie Love


I have a hard time accepting the concept of the show The Bachelor. I know people flock to it and it is a huge success, but the whole concept is commercialized romance that takes away the sanctitude and honesty of a relationship. It is fodder that is unrealistic and if anything pathetic, because people are fighting for a cash prize and not actually the heart of the Bachelor….I mean most women, at least those with any self respect would never partake in what is almost like a frat party orgy.

When I see recent reports like “Sean Lowe Told Both Finalists Her Loved Them on The Bachelor Finale”….I get angry, because I feel like he is just vomiting on the concept of love. It is a farce that is ultimately it is just a TV Show….a TV show that I can’t stand…but more importantly a TV show so many people take seriously.

What do you think?

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