Josh Brolin and Diane Lane Relationship Timeline ….

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Yesterday, it was announced that Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are getting a divorce. We hate hearing Divorce news because it means the end of a love that was strong enough to make “official”….but then again it opens the door to a whole lot of new romantic adventures, which I guess is positive.

After looking back on their relationship, we have been able to dissect that this Hollywood love affair wasn’t as Glamorous as you’d expect it to be. In fact, to those who know anything of the couple, the divorce was almost expected.

Here’s the timeline of their relationship that the people at OMG! put together….and that I am “re-purposing”.

July 4, 2003 – The couple was engaged after a year and a half of dating. Both were previously married and in the Hollywood acting game since they were teens. Brolin had just four years earlier called off an engagement to Minnie Driver.

August, 15, 2004 – The couple were married on Brolin’s 97 acre ranch north of LA. The ceremony was very dog friendly and outdoors, amongst the 70 guests included his father James Brolin and stepmother Barbara Streisand (obviously).

December 19, 2004 – Brolin was arrested and charged for spousal abuse, Diane Lane called the police claiming he hit her, but she didn’t press charges. Not so typical Christmas vacation happenings.

July 20, 2008 – Brolin was caught by having a “touchy” conversation with Robin Wright (Penn at the time)

November 2008 – Diane Lane commented on Brolin’s parenting method to Redbook, saying it was “strict”.

September 2010 – Brolin told Playboy “I don’t f**k around on my wife,” he said. “I mean, check her out, man. My relationship with my wife is fantastic.”

October 2010 – Lane told Ladies Home Journal – ‘Getting married is like trading in the adoration of many for the sarcasm of one,'” she laughed. “I embrace that. Bring it on. Because that’s what intimacy is: It’s a willingness to be vulnerable, a willingness to bite my tongue, and a willingness to set an example of what I believe in. And it’s hard.” But worth it. “I recently said to Josh, ‘Being in a relationship makes it impossible to avoid yourself.’ It may not always make me comfortable but it sure has made me a better person. And I’ll take that any day.”

January 1, 2013 – Brolin was arrested for Public intoxication…leading to yesterday’s announcement of their divorce.

The good news is that the divorce is apparently not ugly, very amicable after the decade they were together, that’s nice to hear.

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