Posted on Nov 5 2015 - 8:06pm by Melanie Love


In a recent interview Justin Bieber said he’ll never stop loving Selena Gomez and we think he means it. We’ve all heard of high school sweethearts who separate when they go off to college and then life takes them in different directions and they marry and have kids. Well, guess what, some of them get divorced and go to high school reunions where they meet up again with their first love and decide to get back together.

Justin and Selena may be the equivalent of these type of couples. They are separated now and may be for many years but they may also get back together decades from now. Timing is so important in finding true love. Justin and Selena may have actually had it but they are both so young, they must be telling themselves that they have to experience much more of what life has to offer before deciding something as important as who to live with.

We think all will be revealed as time goes on and as they compare what they had together to what they experience individually with others, they’ll know whether or not they were meant to be together.

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