Kanye West Can’t Get Over Kim’s Sex Tape with Ray J

Posted on Aug 31 2016 - 12:14pm by Melanie Love

Kanye West

There is something historic about this, but also petty at the same time. Kanye West married Kim Kardashian knowing full well that her sex tape with Ray J, distributed by Vivid Entertainment, was an important part of her past. In fact many stories have credited the tape with helping her zoom to icon status.

So why, we ask, is Kanye always picking on Ray J? Is it because Ray J taunted him with his release of the song “I Hit It First?” Kanye seems to blow off certain references and then digs in. He recently placed a likeness of Ray J in his “Famous” music video right next to Kim. At the Video Music Awards Kanye referenced the sex tape again.

Is Kanye jealous of Ray J or of Kim? Is the fame that they achieved and the money they’ve earned with this one tape causing Kanye to obsess over it?

There’s no doubt that Kanye has reach headliner status. Can’t he now move on with his life?

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