Kelly Clarkson Loves Jane Austen

Posted on Sep 25 2013 - 12:08am by Katelyn Connor


Kelly Clarkson recently got in a tight spot with the British in her attempt to buy a ring that once belonged to Jane Austen.

The 31 year old singer is an avid fan of Jane Austen’s work, and
showed it with her recent purchase. Clarkson anonymously bid on the ring for $250,000 at the Sotheby jewelry auction last July. She won the ring, but immediately after the purchase the British Culture Minister administered an export ban on the jewel in an attempt to keep it in the country as a national treasure.

Soon after the ban was set, the Jane Austen House Museum in Hampshire, England raised enough money to match Clarkson’s bid and keep the ring in the same house where she wrote all six of her novels. The ring is one of three surviving pieces of jewelry owned by Austen.

Clarkson was more than happy to sell back the ring to the Museum. Known for having such a good natured attitude, she commented: “The ring is a beautiful national treasure and I am happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see it.”

Although her love for Austen still remains strong, as can be seen in her gorgeous wedding photos, Kelly Clarkson was able to let this ring go for the greater literary good.

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