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Vivid Entertainment, the incredible acclaimed adult film company, came up with a doozy this week and simultaneously set up Kim Kardashian to be pioneer in Virtual Reality (VR) romance.

Almost everyone on the planet knows about Kim’s famous sex tape, “The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience” which has been distributed by Vivid since 2007. The movie is all about her romance with hip hop star Ray J. The company claims it is their best-selling celebrity sex tape and we believe it.

Now Vivid has announced that Kim fans can go to HERE and try the “Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience” for only $4.95 for three days.

Does this mean that our favorite reality TV star will be climbing out of our tv screen so we can have an ultimate adult fantasy? Well, it seems that it will be close to it, except Vivid makes it clear that the real Kim does not appear in any new VR footage.

However, just imagine if there were VR studios across the country or, even better, if we’ll soon be able to shoot in VR from our cell phones. Wouldn’t it be great to create footage for loved ones that we are separated from? It will be the closest thing to real and who would have thought that Kim was the pioneer?

DISCLAIMER: The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience incorporates footage from the all-time best selling sex tape Kim Kardashian Superstar. Kim Kardashian does not appear in any new footage.

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