Love in an Ageless Place

Posted on May 9 2013 - 6:09pm by Katelyn Connor

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106 year old Marjorie Hemmerde has found love with a man with quite a noticable age difference. Gavin Crawford, age 73, has recently become her “boy toy” and true love. Despite the 33 year age difference, the two have made each other tremendously happy.

The couple first met three years ago in an assisted living home called Kew Gardens in Australia. They both say it was such a perfect match that they couldn’t imagine it any other way. Marjorie’s cheerful and positive attitude helps them enjoy life to the fullest. Both have learned to seize the day and to try to live life to the fullest. For these two, the best way to enjoy life is to enjoy it with each other.

Although the two are practically inseparable, there is no word of marriage. Marjorie claims that she’s too irresponsible, and she “quite likes living in sin.”

Neither has been married previously, but Crawford claims that true love was worth the wait.

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