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Posted on May 1 2013 - 8:57pm by Melanie Love

Picture-937The sensuous Martha Stewart recently revealed to Matt Lauer on The Today Show that she was interested in getting back on the dating market after a five year long hiatus. During the show, Sam Yagan, the chief executive of, set Martha’s personal dating profile. In it, the 71 year old described herself as “curious, intelligent, entrepreneurial, hardworking, fun, and adventurous.” She explained to Lauer that she likes “to have someone to go to bed with.” During her on-air registration, the strongest suggestion Yagan made to her was to withhold her name from her profile. That way, men who were a genuine match could have a chance, rather than someone who would be distracted by her celebrity status… as if the interests “cooking and gardening” wouldn’t give her away.

Martha’s profile encompasses all her hobbies, pets, and even her favorite restaurants. She indicated that she was looking for an “active” partner who was intelligent, tall, outdoorsy, and of course, successful.

Martha hopes she can find dating opportunities like many of her co-workers have from the website. Apparently, Martha had taken an interest in online dating for quite a while. Nephew-in-law, Dan Slater, author of “Love in the Time of Algorithms: What Technology Does to Meeting and Mating,” mentioned that she had talked about dating with him when they first met.

About five years ago, Steward ended a long term relationship with Charles Simonyi, the billionaire ex-Microsoft executive, after her stint in federal prison. Before that, she was married to publishing executive Andrew Stewart for 26 years. They got married when she was only 19 years old. She has one daughter, Alexis, and two grandchildren.

Now, Martha is definitely back on track for a good time. Hopefully leads her to her Mr. Right!

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