Mavericks Touchdown for Love and Health

Posted on Jun 3 2014 - 6:09pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

Mavericks owner and sharp-shooter Mark Cuban shows his romantic side by paying for Texan, Monica Wilkinson’s, wedding. Not only did the billionaire offer to pay for her wedding, but after hearing about her financial struggles after giving birth to a still-born daughter and recovering from stage 4 ovarian cancer, he felt compelled to aid her.

Monica admits that, “It just was seeming like every dream we had was just completely out of reach for everything.” Her only hope was to reach out to charity organizations for help with her desperate situation. Shortly after she says that she “got a call from his assistant, and she said Mark Cuban was going to help pay for our wedding. And I was completely floored. I thought it was a joke.” Lucky for her it was no joke; it was in fact an answer to her prayers.

Monica’s wedding day was perfect by all accounts and she and her husband are forever grateful for Cuban’s generosity. I, for one, wish her luck with her radiation therapy and want nothing more than smiles and love for her future.

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