Modern Family planning for Vergara and Fiancé

Posted on May 1 2013 - 8:47pm by Katelyn Connor

Picture-912In a recent interview, Sofia Vergara, star of the hit television show “Modern Family,” spoke about her most recent family plans. She revealed that her most pressing matter of business is to freeze her eggs in order to start a family with fiancé Nick Loeb.

40-year old Vergara got engaged to the entrepreneur last year during a trip to Mexico, but their wedding plans are secondary to family planning. Both had large weddings in a previous marriage, so the couple’s focus right now is their careers until they have time to have a child. Vergara plans to have a surrogate for their baby due to health issues after a bout with thyroid cancer and heavy radiation. That, and right now she is exuberant about her work life. Not only is she working on “Modern Family,” but she is also interested in pursuing movie roles and starting a fashion line at Kmart. Loeb is no different.

Nick Loeb is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He began his amazingly successful career at Universal Studios, then went on to form the International Production Company, where he produced a film with Quincy Jones and a documentary with Barbara Streisand. Then, he formed Loeb Investments, for real estate and small business ventures, Carbon Solutions America, for climate change advisory services for corporate and government clients, and finally in 2006 he formed Loeb’s Foods and invested in the widely popular Onion Crunch. In addition to his business life, Loeb is a philanthropist in Delray Beach, where he now lives. He is an active member on the boards of many community committees in order to make his town a better place.

Seems like Sofia hit a home run with Nick! With both at a high point in their enormous careers, it’s understandable that a wedding would be on the back burner. For this couple, the high intensity work and the prospect of a family is what drives them to success.

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