Posted on Dec 21 2015 - 1:57pm by Melanie Love


This is almost too good to be true. Matthew Perry, aka Chandler in “Friends” and Courteney Cox, aka Monica in the same show, are now dating according to the gossip sites.

Apparently they used to confide in each other when they were in the long playing hit NBC series and never lost the habit of staying in touch over life’s ups and downs. With Courteney, it’s been her divorce from David Arquette after a 14-year marriage and most recently, her split from Irish song writer and recording artist Johnny McDaid.

We think it’s a bit more than an old habit that has brought Courteney and Matthew together just now. With her best pal Jennifer Aniston newly married and busy creating a nest, Matthew is simply more convenient a confidant.

How great for both of them. Our advice to them is to go and hide. Maybe visit a foreign country together for a couple of months. Do just about anything to try and figure out if what they have together is real. The pressure from the Hollywood media can be crushing and it would be wonderful if they didn’t have to experience it while they experience each other.

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