New Year Is High Season for Online Dating!

Posted on Jan 6 2013 - 9:50pm by Melanie Love


The New Year marks the high-season for online dating, with spikes in membership numbers that last until Valentine’s Day.

According to a survey, 64 percent of singles say their resolution is related to love. while other sites report an uptake in their services.

It is said the during the holidays, people tend to reflect on the past year, while being forced into family functions, where everyone asks about their significant other, or lack there of. You know seeing old friends and family back home, with families of their own, while feeling like the old maid who is forever alone.

It is a time of re-adjusting priorities and really the more people signing up, the better chance of you meeting your perfect partner. Just remember, there are a lot of serial daters and “players” on these sites, so don’t expect love at first message…or even at the first date…make whoever you are meeting in a safe place work for your love. It is more fun that way.

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