Say It Isn’t So for Beyonce and Jay Z

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 10:26am by Melanie Love


Just a few days ago, Jay Z and Blue Ivy were picking out romantic songs for Beyonce’s 34th birthday and everything seemed so lovey dovey. Today the rumor is that Beyonce is leaving Jay Z and it’s all about cheating, fighting and loneliness.

What a soldier Beyonce was to keep this all in on her birthday. She must have been suffering inside while smiling on the outside. If this goes beyond rumor stage we’ll all feel the pain for this iconic couple and for their little Blue Ivy.

There is also a rumor that Beyonce and Jay Z are searching for a new home, because the one they are currently living in in Los Angeles was sold and they have 60 days to get out.

So as rumors go, we’ll have to wait on this one to see how the story actually pans out.

Here he was at her concert singing her lyrics…

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