School Proposal- Not a Drill!

Posted on Apr 5 2014 - 10:13am by Katelyn Connor


Six months ago, volunteer fireman Justin Deierling first laid eyes on school counselor Megan Zahorec. From that moment on, Justin knew Megan was someone special.

The two started dating a few months later, but it was clear to both of them that they wanted their relationship to last. So, exactly six months after first meeting, Justin planned an elaborate and touching engagement plan.

On March 19th, Justin coordinated a procedural fire drill for the school. After getting permission from the principal for the unregulated procedure, he was very excited and nervous to pop the question. He bought 550 ring pops for all the kids, so they could celebrate with the couple too if she said yes.

So, while the kids were filing outside and Megan was busy organizing and keeping count, Justin appeared on his fire truck holding a big sign that said “Ms. Z- Will you Marry Me? I love you- Justin.”

Apparently, Megan was so surprised and overwhelmed by the proposal that she almost fainted! But of course, once she regained her composure, she said an enthusiastic yes.

Check out the full video here!

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