Shame on You! Man Lives a Lie

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 3:38pm by Katelyn Connor

This man wasn’t who he claimed to be- in more than one way.

Sheri Brown, a realtor from British Columbia, Canada, was happily married to a man who lived a lie. Her husband, Timothy Szabolci, has claimed to be just about everything- from a doctor, to a youth pastor, to a racecar driver.

Sheri met Timothy in 2012, a supposed retired psychiatrist and former Canadian Air Force pilot. Their romance was passionate, loving, and caring, and four months after meeting they were walking down the aisle. Although it was rushed, the couple was very happy- until some mysterious bills came in and Timothy couldn’t pay them. Sheri began supporting for him- paying almost $50,000 in bills in under 6 months and selling valuable personal items before she became a little suspicious. After some research, Sheri found a CBS 11 I-Team story from 2007 about a Dr. Andrew Szadolc, who ran a pain management clinic without a license or a medical degree in Garland, Texas. He stole over $30,000 from the company who owned the clinic. He was arrested and sent to prison for 5 years, but then was paroled and deported to Canada less than a year later.

In Canada, Szadolc began a new life as Dr. Timothy Szabolci and began a new company called Platinum Pacific, a sales company who offers transportation and trucking needs, as well as financial services. When Sheri found out who he really was, she called the police and filed for divorce. Since then, his new company has been shut down. When examining his parole, it was discovered that Szadolc was required to pay back the $30,000 to the company, but as of right now there is no record of any payment.

Despite all his crimes in Texas and now in Canada, his parole ends July 23rd and Szadolc may return to the United States, completely legally.

This story is frightening not only because of the enormity of
Szadolc’s crimes, but the fact that he was able to bring a successful, independent woman down with him. If Szadolc’s story goes untold, history can repeat and he may have the opportunity to take advantage of another unsuspecting woman.

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