Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break Up!

Posted on Jan 8 2013 - 1:08am by Melanie Love


Love her or hate her, hopeless romantic, Taylor Swift…who is a serial dater…but more importantly a multi-millionaire CEO from songs she writes about breaking up – has broken up with One Direction star Harry Styles.

They spent New Years together in BVI, where she flew home 3 days into the vacation because I guess it wasn’t working.

I hardly take 18 year olds who are at the top of their boy band fame game seriously, especially when it comes to romance. Even Taylor Swift at 23 is still just a kid having fun.

I can’t even imagine the temptation, stresses and pressure they both feel in their everyday lives, let alone trying to manage a teenage love affair in the midst of all that.

So it all makes sense to me. I’m sure they will both be perfectly fine. They will survive. They were only together for a minute (2 months)….and they both have countless other options.

I think it is hard to care about this, what do you think?

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