Taylor Swift is Having the Time of her Life

Posted on Mar 5 2013 - 4:59pm by Melanie Love


So Let’s Tear Her Down

The incredibly gifted young pop-crossover- to-country singer Taylor Swift (23) has not only amassed a fortune (Est. $165-million according to Forbes) and been honored with Grammy Awards and writing awards, but she’s been dating great looking, mostly famous young actors and singers.

What’s wrong with that? Well, she writes about her experiences with her boyfriends in her hit songs, but doesn’t name names, so we have to guess which one she’s referring to.

We think that’s fine too. She’s always written narrative songs about her life. Her fans like them so much, they’ve bought over 26-million albums and 75-million digital downloads worldwide.

Now that she’s so successful and having such a good time, some see fit to put labels on her like “boy crazy.”

Give her a break! Many mothers give their daughters advice that Taylor is heeding. She’s playing the field before/if she decides to settle down and we say bravo to you Taylor!

The April issue of Vanity Fair has a glamorous photo of Taylor on the cover. According to the article, she was apprehensive about discussing her personal life and suggested that her friend speak for her to writer Nancy Jo Sales.

Sales said “Why I think her friend was so intent on setting the record straight was that she felt that Taylor has been misrepresented in the media, because the media has been skewing everything so towards the guys’ version of the stories, not the girl’s version of the story.”

Let’s hear it for the girls!

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