Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend?!

Posted on Feb 19 2013 - 3:55pm by Ellie Reeve

Well it doesn’t take too long for Taylor Swift to move from one guy to the next, in the last few years she’s been in “relationships” with dozens of people. My theory is that she’s not too involved in these “relationships”, but instead that is just the publicist angle to keep her vanilla image and not present her as someone who sleeps around, not to mention, it helps sell love songs.

So Harry Styles from One Direction is a fling of the past, the new target is one of the guys from The Lumineers, who were at the Grammys.

Right now the story is fresh and Taylor Swift is reportedly saying how she finds one of them cute, but you know if her sights are on target, this will become a reality.

I can smell a break-up love song brewing….

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