Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Wants to Write a Fantasy Romance!?

Posted on Jan 8 2013 - 12:25am by Melanie Love


Apparently, MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wants to write a fantasy romance novel called “Ballistic: For the Love of Balls”. Here are a few of her other titles:

– Sexcapade (for the love of a housewife)
-Becky Becky ( for the love of dark chocolate lovers)
– Go Head ( for the love of highschoolers & college crowds)
-Cumlotty ( for the love of fraturnity and young professionals)

I think it is safe to say that this is probably a joke or her part, you see it was posted to her SULIA , but she is a published author already, and other MTV monsters like Snooki are NY Times Bestselling authors….. not to mention she is a questionable character with a questionable past who is famous for having a baby at 16. Could be a steamy good time.

In other Farrah Abraham news – She’s also waxed her 3 year old daughter’s “Unibrow” and is bragging about it enough that all the gossip mags are talking about it…nuts.


What do you think?

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