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There have been lots of gossip items on Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend, banker Oliver Sarkozy. She’s the child actress turned successful fashion entrepreneur (with twin sister Ashley) and his half brother is the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

He’s 44 and she’s 27, so what’s a 17 year difference? They are certainly not the first high profile couple with such a gap and won’t be the last.

There are still many more couples where the male is a decade or more older than the female instead of visa versa. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were a rare exception but they shouldn’t be.

Here’s our point…Love is hard to find. If it was easy, all of the matchmaking sites would probably go out of business, hangout bars would fade into the sunset, etc.

Unless an age difference gets in the way of romance, we say more power to you and congratulations on finding someone that you care so much about. Maybe you are in a forever love affair and maybe you’re not, but we think the chances are the same even if you were close to the same age.

The latest gossip has Olsen and Sarkozy talking about marriage and a baby or maybe just a baby with or without marriage. He has two children from his former marriage and she has never been married.

We wish them well and this holiday season, we wish all of our readers would be open to romance no matter where they find it.

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