The Price Tag on the Sean Parker Wedding Just Went Up!

Posted on Jun 6 2013 - 7:05pm by Melanie Love


After an extravagant and extremely private wedding, a California Coastal Commission staff report stated that Parker, former president of Facebook Inc., was fined $2.5 million for construction for failing to get a permit for building an additional set to the redwood forest public campground owned by the Ventana Inn and Spa in Big Sur, California.

Parker married his fiancée of one year, singer/songwriter Alexandra Lenas this past Saturday on the closed campground. The preparations had been underway since January of this year, and the California Coastal Commission suspected a violation of the grounds. The construction included creating fake ruins and staircases, a $350 thousand dollar custom made dance floor, and planting over 100 trees and plants next to a river essential to the success of a steelhead fishery, reporters said.

The report states that, due to the extent of the construction, there will most likely be sedimentation of Post Creek. The commission is set to settle the amount Parker is to be fined on June 14th in Long Beach. Parker’s fine will assist the development of the access to the creek, as well as the recreation area on the campgrounds.

In a press release, Parker said that he and his wife are happy to contribute to the efforts of the California Coastal Commission in allowing more access to the coast in Big Sur. In addition to paying the fines, Parker also stated that he will pay to restore the campground to its original state, before the construction for the wedding.

Commission spokeswoman Sarah Christie said that the California Coastal Commission knew about the damage since May, but by the time the staff had inspected the campground the damage had already been done. So, the staff allowed Parker and Lenas to continue their wedding plans.

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