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Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 8:58pm by Melanie Love

Edith Casas

Edith Casas is an Argentine woman who had a Valentine’s Day wedding, but unlike most Valentine’s Day weddings, filled with tacky, sappy, love filled amazingness, this Valentine’s Day wedding was one family and friends wanted nothing to do with, because the man she marred, is the man, Victor Cingolani, is convicted of killing her twin sister. In fact, people were so against it that they formed a mob outside the office the civil union took place, understandably.

Edith Casas says that Victor is innocent of killing her sister Johanna two years ago, even though the law disagrees…and while the new bride waits for her husband’s release, he’ll be found behind bars, where he was brought back after the wedding.

I assume there is some serious underlying psychology behind this story, I mean Twins share a bond and maybe Edith Casas feels guilty and craves the same fat. I mean at this point we can just speculate, but it is clear that it is the craziest wedding story ever.

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