A Very Different Cinderella Tale

Posted on Oct 14 2014 - 12:00pm by Michele Douglas

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Sorcerer by Susan M. Bowes 

Genre: Fantasy

At first I was afraid that the plot was going to be like the story of “Cinderella.” Prince meets Princess at the ball to find a wife. Princess runs from him and he seeks her out. That is where the fairy tale mutates into a world filled with black magic, sorcery, a deceitful father and evil intent.

Liam is a Prince destined to be the most powerful sorcerer. Kydo is a powerful sorcerer whose obsession for power is rivaled by his thirst for blood. He kills both the Queen and King and takes over the kingdom and raises their son, Liam, as his own. He trains Liam to become a powerful sorcerer by teaching him the ways of black magic.

Liam Kydo Dunham the First is ignorant of the cruel ruler that Kydo is. In fact, he believes the opposite. When Liam turns eighteen, Kydo demands for Liam to produce an heir to the throne. Kydo plans an elaborate ball for the search for the woman who is to become Liam’s bride. During the ball, Liam meets the woman of his dreams, Sanja, the Princess of Griffinfair. Their attraction is electrifying and regardless of propriety, they find themselves drawn to each other with lustful thoughts and intentions. Luckily, Kydo’s former Captain of Arms, now Liam’s tutor and friend, Roland, discovers them and prevents anyone from finding them together. Liam is happy believing that he has found his future bride, but Sanja, after discovering his true identity, wants nothing to do with him. She leaves the castle, dooming Liam to marry someone he does not love.

For such a condensed book, the plot is voluminous. It has death, betrayal, romance, and triumph. Kyro is deliciously evil and his quest for power most insatiable. Liam is naïve with a yearning for his father’s love. After he takes a bride, Liam’s rose-colored-glasses are ripped off and the true nature of his father, Kyro is revealed. It is up to Liam to stop Kyro from gaining more power and save the ones he loves.

-Michele Douglas
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