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intensity cover


by C.C. Koen

Serena is a 22 year-old college dropout who is working three jobs just to make ends meet. She left college after her grandmother took ill with cancer so she could take care of her until she passed. After her grandmother died, Serena was confronted with a lot of debt and the mortgage in default. Try as she may, she could not save the house and is now living in a small apartment in a questionable neighborhood.

While working at her waitressing job, one of her customers tells her that she knows a way that Serena can make more money than she ever could as a waitress. She leaves her card notating to call if she wants to hear more about the job. Serena’s curiosity and mountain of bills get the better of her so she meets with the woman. When the woman tells Serena that she should work as an escort, she immediately gets up to walk away. However, she quickly returns when the girl explains that she has the right to decide, what, if anything, she wants to do with a client, and how much money she can make in a week.

After talking with the woman, she agrees to an interview. Wearing her best second-hand outfit, she goes to the interview and immediately is approached by a hot looking guy who turns out to be her new boss, Linc. After some pointed questions, she is hired with the stipulation that she is exclusive to only him. She can do or go anywhere she likes, but she must end the evening in his bed. Serena does not understand what an exclusive is and why he makes her have one with him. She does not have the any experience with men, and is shocked that he dictates to her that she must be in his bed. The offer is both intimidating and alluring at the same time. She instinctually feels that he won’t harm her, and she needs the money, so she accepts the job.

Linc runs an escort service for men who pay to spend time with his girls. The girls fill out a questionnaire regarding what they are willing to do. This allows him to match the client to the escort. He rents out the apartments in the building and ensures that each girl has what she needs. When he meets Serena, he is stunned by her beauty and blindly demands that she will only bartend, live in one of the apartments for free, and return to his bed every night. There is something about her that calls to his very soul. Although he does not feel worthy of her, he cannot deny the feelings he has for her. Soon, they develop strong feelings for each other. They both want more; but have their reasons for not letting their hearts and bodies overrule their minds.

“Intensity” is a fitting title for this book. At first, I laughed as the two main characters butted heads. Serena refuses to obey any order from Linc, which infuriates him. She is her own woman and although she starts to fall in love with him, she does not go blindly into a relationship or allow him to break her heart. She always remains true to herself. Whether fighting with other women, or fighting off other men, she stands up for herself. Serena may not realize her beauty, but she does know who she is, and refuses to be bullied by anyone.

She and Linc are very hot together. Their kisses alone would melt a candle. I enjoyed every minute of this book. The tension between these two characters is palpable. Just when I thought they might finally take the plunge, I was left disappointed but intrigued to read what next. I definitely recommend this book and am looking forward to reading more.

-Michele Douglas

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