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Fatal Abduction

by Julia Crane

The agency never interferes with outside investigations. They must protect their identity at all costs. That is until Kaitlyn sees a news report about “the Dollhouse Killer.” She immediately feels for the young girls who were cut down in their youth. She quickly deciphers the killer’s behavior: his type of victim, the areas he takes them from and the areas where he disposes the bodies. She feels like she could make a difference and catch and kill the murderer to save any other would-be victims. She tries to convince her superior to step in, but he is reluctant to do so, because it could put their company, IFICS, at risk of exposure. Until, the latest kidnapping affects a young girl, Quess, from Dr. Adams’ family. Kaitlyn is good friends with Quess and wants to protect her, so she goes undercover at the school to attract the killer. She meets all the requirements of the killer’s type. She hopes that she becomes his next victim.

Elliott is intent on finding his past love, Monique. He believes that her soul has been reborn as a young high school girl. He is on a mission to find her so that they can be together again in the next life. He takes great pains to locate similar types as Monique. Once he finds one, he uses his expertise with computers to find out all the information about her. Once he discovers her behaviors, her hang-outs, and her daily routines, he devises when and where he will take her.

I was amazed at how a book that is under 150 pages could be so good. The character development was remarkable. I felt for the girls; and the author’s betrayal of the serial killer gave the reader an insight into how something as innocent as unrequited love as a young boy can create a cold-blooded killer.

This book had me from the beginning to the end. It may be a short read, but it full of danger and intrigue. I think the book did a great job on developing the serial killer and added a moral that everyone should follow. Always follow your instincts and be observant of your surroundings at all times. You never know who may be watching.

-Michele Douglas

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