Death Becomes Us

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 11:03pm by Lori Perkins


So, word on the net before the season even started was that a major character was going to die this season, so every time any of the characters I really liked was in trouble, I was more anxious than usual. Was Eric going to kill Pam in the stake-off? Was Jessica going to bite it? Then Nora got in terrible trouble in this episode (see below) and I was worried that she was the one.

But someone else got killed this episode, and I think we’re all OK with that.

Anyway, back to last episode’s cliffhanger where Lafayette, who has been possessed by Sookie’s crazy father’s ghost, is drowning Sookie. Sookie screams while drowning and both Ben and Bill hear her, but Ben saves her by throwing his light at the possessed Lafayette and expelling her dad, whom Sookie banishes from her forever.

Meanwhile, back at Vamp Camp, and that cliffhanger, Eric and Pam don’t fight to the death. They kill their tormentors.

In wereville, Daddy werewolf tells Alcide that Sam and the werecub were at the hotel, but he misses them because Sam has returned Emma to her grandmother. When Alcide sniffs them out, he wants to kill Sam and Nicole but does the right thing and tells them to disappear where no werewolf can ever find them, which probably means Sam will have to leave Merlotte’s.

Andy Bellefleur names his surviving daughter, Adalyn. And gives her sisters’ name too, so she becomes Adalyn Beryline Charlaine (like the author of the books, in case you missed it) Danica.

Meanwhile Terry, who has hired a hit man to kill him, shows up at Lafayette’s with the key to his safety deposit box. So Lafateyye calls Arlene and tells her, and she guesses he wants to kill himself. Arlene tells Holly, and Holly suggests she get a vampire soccer-dad to make Terry forget his misery, which he does, but it’s too late. Terry is whacked taking out the garbage. So let’s hope he’s the character that bites the dust in Season 6. He was beginning to be a bit of a whiner anyway.

Meanwhile Sookie gets to know Ben who tells her that if she becomes a vampire with him, all his pain will go away. And she is starting to believe he really means it. WTF? I mean, he’s only 3500 years older than her.

At Vamp Camp, the Governor injects a strain of a deadly new vamp virus, Hepatitis V, in Nora as Eric watches, but Eric breaks out with the help of Willa, who has been released into the vampire general population. She demands that they free Tara, which means Jessica will also be a part of the posse.
Meanwhile Bill confronts Lilith and blames her for all the sins of all the vampires. She is by far the worst, most immature goddess every re-animated and tells him he must save his veeps and she won’t talk to him again until he does. Another WTF moment.

And Jason has taken up with a bunch of vampire killers (so he can save Jessica from them). And, of course, he runs into his friend-with-benefits Mrs. Newlin. Jason is called in to watch the sex study between vampires and of course, they bring in Jessica (after he’s told Mrs. Newlin that he’s going to break Jessica out).

Dr. T awakes Bill with a concoction of Warlowe’s blood that let’s him walk in the sun after seeing a news report that Governor Burrell is offering state-made Tru Blood at a discount price. “They have my progeny,” he says, as he drinks Dr. T’s miracle blood.

Bill confronts the Governor in the light, and kills the Governor by ripping off his head when he refuses to basically let his people go.

And we see that there is Tru Blood being produced contaminated with the Hepatitis V virus.

Meanwhile as the sun sets, Sookie tells Ben the town calls her a “danger whore,” and confesses her feelings for him. And she feeds him. And then feeds from him. And she unbuckles his belt, removes his shoes and pants, her jacket, her skirt, her shirt, her bra, her panties (how can Anna Paquin have that body after twins?) and has her way with him in the Bon Temps graveyard where they give off a glowing light as we can only imagine they come together.

Let the good times roll!

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