Erotic Romance Meets Suspense in the Return of Lucy and Jeremiah

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 5:25pm by Michele Douglas

Castaway by Sara Fawkes

In this sequel to Anything He Wants, Lucy’s heart is crumbling because of Jeremiah’s cavalier attitude towards her proclamation of love. She did not expect him to say the same thing back, but she certainly was not prepared for him to discount her feelings. She leaves the house and gets into a limousine that she thought was called for her. She is surprised when the driver turns out to be Lucas, Jeremiah’s brother. Lucas kindly kidnaps Lucy and talks her into helping him in some illegal business deal. He only needs her to translate for a client. She agrees to help Lucas in exchange for allowing her to return to her home. She wants to get as far away from the Hamilton boys as she can. He agrees, but unfortunately, things go south with the transaction. She and Lucas become entangled in shady deals and protecting her from men who try to hurt her. Her life is out of control. Ever since she has met Jeremiah, she has been poisoned, almost killed by an assassin, fallen in love, had her heart incinerated, almost raped, and kidnapped.

Jeremiah is beside himself when he discovers Lucy is gone. He utilizes all his resources to locate her. There is a new player in all their lives who wants to kill the brothers. What lengths will each person go to save the others?

Castaway is an exciting addition to this series. I became immersed in the back story about Jeremiah and his brother. There is some comical bantering between the characters. They still have the sexual tension, but both have done unforgivable things that keeps them emotionally detached. I enjoyed the introduction of new characters. In this book, the underlying story remains about Jeremiah and Lucy, but the subplot is very intriguing. I never knew what was going to happen next. It was a wild ride; I will gladly hop on the train when the next book is released. I recommend you hitch a ride too. You will not be sorry!

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