Falling for Book Two in the Fallen Series

Posted on Nov 11 2014 - 5:41pm by Demi Spencer

Waterfall (Teardrop #2)
by Lauren Kate 
by Demiella Spencer

It is 1:18 in the morning and I’m still trying to process when I’ve just read. After receiving this book from RomanceBeat and NetGalley for an exchange of a honest review, I can honestly say I am blown away.

In the epic ending of Lauren Kate’s fantasy novel Teardrop, Eureka Boudreaux released catastrophic tears onto the earth leading to the changing of the world as she and all human kind knew. These salty tears flood the earth leaving the world in a state of starvation. Waterfall continues this epic love story from the Eureka’s point of view as she embarks on the journey to save the world she unwillingly destroyed. The love story shared between Eureka and Ander continues as does the love shared between her family and friends. The first three quarters of the novel is filled with exiting adventures and torturous outcomes as Ander leads Eureka and her family across the world to find a mysterious character that could help the same the world.

But while this novel is full of amazing characteristics and leaves me wanting to dive in and immerse myself with some of the characters, the love in this novel is something that will stay with me for a while. Because in this book, love is shared not just between lovers but fathers, siblings and friends and one doesn’t know the depth of their love for one another until it is put to the test. Would you give love up to save to world? Or would you let it and everyone within it perish?

If you love magical worlds and fierce characters, then this novel will be a treat.
Waterfall is an epic tale that will leave your breathless until the last page–a true treasure,

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Demiella Spencer is an Australian University student studying Literature and Ancient Worlds. She fell in love with reading after her high school English teacher started bringing in books for her to read and once she read Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta, she was completely hooked. After her studies, she plans on working her way up the publishing world and hopes to work for publishing houses such as Penguin Books, Simon and Schuster and Harlequin.

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