Game of Thrones: Roundup of Recaps for Episode 8 “Second Sons”

Posted on May 21 2013 - 4:57pm by Meredith Collins


I’m on vacation this week, so I cannot write. But I couldn’t miss my favorite fantasy insanity, so I’m sharing a few choice recaps that I enjoyed.


They do a themed recap called “Game of Boners” in which they recount all of the nudity and violence in each Game of Thrones episode, as well as the major plot points. It isn’t exhaustive, but it has a fun slant and great voice.

LA Times:

As far as straight up recaps go, the LA Times one is well done. We check in with all of our major characters and get a super clear picture of the current state of affairs in Westeros.


This is a real interpretation as well as a saucy recap. I saved it for last because it is my absolute favorite. Great pictures and an excellent look at the not only the plot points but the larger thematics at work in the episode.

Sorry about my absence, things will be back to normal next week. I’ll highlight all the romantic and keep everybody to up date on everything else before Winter gets here.

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