Give Me Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

Posted on Nov 18 2014 - 6:53pm by Michele Douglas

Anything He Wants is a welcome entry into the BDSM erotic romance genre. Lucy Delacourt is a data entry temp at Hamilton Industries. She is a strong, level-headed, independent woman who plans on going to law school .Her life is uneventful and the few men she meets never stay around very long. She is barely making ends meet. Her job is monotonous, but she needs the money to survive. One morning while riding in the elevator, she notices a sexy, dark-haired stranger. She knows that he is just eye candy, but she makes sure to ride the same elevator into work with him every day. One day while riding the elevator, she does not realize that they are the only two in the elevator. He approaches her and as soon as he speaks to her, her body responds and her will is no longer her own. He presses himself against her and she is shocked into arousal. Suddenly, he is upon her, touching, kissing her neck, his hands traveling up her skirt to her panties, touching intimately, awakening her desire. Before she knows what is happening, she discovers who the stranger is and accepts a position as a personal assistant where her only job is to do whatever he wants.

Jeremiah Hamilton, CEO to Hamilton Industries, is looking for some excitement in his life. His last personal assistant is gone and he has yet to find another to take her place. He notices how this intriguing woman is always in the elevator at the same time every morning and he can feel her eyes on him. He bides his time until they are alone in the elevator and approaches her. She seems ripe for the picking, so he tests her to see if she would succumb to his desires to determine if she could be his next personal assistant. He must know if she could indulge his voracious appetite. Her willingness and submissive attitude prove that she is the candidate for the job.

When she accepts the terms of the position, Lucy’s life is no longer her own. She is catapulted into the limelight as the new woman in Jeremiah’s life. She escorts him to all his functions and meets some powerful people in the process. As a powerful person in the business field, he has many enemies; those who want to kill him and those who want to take his place. Family resentments and international assassins linger in the background just waiting for the opportunity to strike. Jeremiah’s presence in Lucy’s life could not only risk her heart, but her life too.

From the beginning of the first page, I was captivated by this story. Lucy’s life is very similar to other women who fall into the submissive lifestyle. However, Jeremiah is anything but similar to other Dominants. Sometimes, there is little warning as he pounces and ravages her wherever and whenever he wants. The writing is so descriptive, at times, that I feel like I am in a virtual reality game. I feel as powerless as Lucy; Jeremiah’s sexy voice is like a siren’s call, seducing all to his will.

At first, it seems that the story is only about their life as submissive/Dominant, but the book has so much more substance to the plot. It has kidnapping, assassins, snipers, family feuds that pits brother against brother, and betrayal.

I can’t wait to read the next one. Everyone who loved Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James, but wants more provocative scenes to satiate your desire; this is the book for you!

I highly recommend it!

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