It’s Gonna’ Be a Bloody, Bumpy Ride: True Blood, Season 7, Episode 1

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 2:24pm by Lori Perkins


So the season opens with a blood BBQ invasion of the infected Hep V vampires and the true death of Tara in the first few minutes.

Followed by fabulous Pam in Morocco playing Russian roulette looking for the equally fabulous Eric.

And we learned that vampires can get stoned. Holy shit! Jessica’s hot new boyfriend was a Vietnam draft dodger who was beaten to death by his best friend’s dad and “saved” by a vampire.

And Jessica is protecting Andy’s one remaining fairy daughter in the crazy one vampire/one human scheme that Mayor Bill has cooked up to keep the population of Bon Temps alive (sort of).

Meanwhile, Jason is having a hard time with his dominant vampire girlfriend until she finally lets him have sex with her. I sincerely hope that that doesn’t alter that balance of power in this one remaining interesting relationship.

And Sookie and Alcide are finally together and doing it (and Anna Paquin looks fab naked for someone who just gave birth to twins).

The Hep V vampires have kidnapped a number of Bon Temps residents (Holly, Arlene and Sam’s very pregnant girlfriend) to drink them dead at a later date in their nest. Andy and Bill are looking for them, and you know they’re going to find them.

But as far as season premiers go, this was just OK.

I’m hooked, but I do agree that True Blood jumped the shark a long time ago – but I strapped myself in for the ride and I want to follow this puppy until the sun goes down on these vampires.

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