Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzitola

Posted on Apr 10 2015 - 12:56am by Katrina Braet

Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzitola

Genre: New Adult/Romance

Readers will be majorly crushing on Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzitola when it hits stands October 21st. Who can resist a great romance novel between a virgin good girl and a player bad boy who have known each other since high school, but never got along….that is until college. This New Adult romance novel about second chances and falling in love will have readers begging for more!

In her freshman year of college, Brinley is focused on her studies and starting a new life. But when her best friend talks her into going to a party, she comes face to face with Ryder, the gorgeous older boy she once knew from high school, who she not only shared her first kiss with, but hated thanks to the nickname she received from him. Brinley tries her best to ignore Ryder but can’t help her growing feelings towards him every time they meet. Brinley is realizing that the boy she once hated so much in high school is not as bad as she thought, and that she actually might be falling in love with him.

Bad boy Ryder, who has wanted Brinley since their first kiss, tries his best to stay away. Ryder doesn’t believe he is good enough for Brinley, but every time he sees her he can’t help but fall harder for her. Together Brinley and Ryder’s relationship becomes stronger and stronger, as they learn about each other’s past and the feelings they have for one another. But when Brinley discovers she and her virginity were just a part of a game that Ryder was supposedly in on, will their new blossoming relationship be over? How will she ever be able to trust him again?

Just a Little Crush was a fantastic read that left me with a serious book hangover from never putting it down! I really enjoyed the love/hate relationship Brinley has with Ryder, and the strong chemistry they have. I thought Pizzitola did a great job with portraying the characters by sharing their background and history, as well as building up the relationship between the two main characters. I think readers will develop a strong connection with Brinley and Ryder, as well as the other characters in the story. I look forward to reading Pizzitola’s next book in the series and I recommend this book to any of those who love a great New Adult romance read.

–Katrina Braet

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