Looking for Humanity: True Blood Season 6, Episode 7

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 11:10am by Lori Perkins


As the tainted True Blood leaves Vamp camp, Eric and the sickened Nora escape by hiding under the truck. Eric takes Nora to Bill hoping he can save her, but Nora does not want any of Lilith’s blood to save herself.

Eric begs Bill to save her. And tells him he believes in him.

Bill tells Eric about his prophetic visions where he saw Pam, Jessica, Tara and Eric meet the sun. Bill tells Eric he is going to get Warlowe so he can get his blood. Eric says he will help if Bill saves Nora. But Bill’s Warlowe-tainted blood doesn’t cure her.

When that doesn’t work, Eric calls for Godrich to save her. But Nora reminds him that it was he who saved her, and we have a flashback to her vampire birth in plague-filled England where Eric brought her to Godrich who saved her and turned her.

But Nora dies the true death in his arms, a rather slimy way to go.

Stupid Sarah drives to the Governor’s mansion (listening to Gospel preaching elocution tapes), where there are no (living) guards and Truman’s severed head sits at the foot of his statue. She swears that his death will not be in vain, and that it was part of God’s plan! She calls the Louisiana Senator and tells him to dispose of Burrell’s body and let no one know of his death, to tell the press that the compound was attacked and that the Governor is leading from a secret location. She will make sure that the vampires are wiped out with the tainted True Blood.

Meanwhile, naked Sookie and Marlowe wake in the sun-filled cemetery grass (with chandeliers, no less). Marlowe assumes they will marry, and Sookie tells him not so fast.

And they see Arlene mourning Terry at the local cemetery, and Sookie gives her a pep talk about being one of the strongest women she knows.

Sam calls Lafayette and learns that Terry is dead and decides he has to go back to Bon Temps, and Nicole sends him off in True Blood fashion with a shower sex scene. And even gives him her number after her mom comes to pick her up.

Lafayette enlists Sookie to go Terry’s safety deposit box with him where they find a huge life insurance policy.

And Jason finds Jessica to free her. He asks her if she’s got “that stockholder’s syndrome.” I just love him. Jessica asks him to find the vampire who wouldn’t have sex with her during the performance so she can thank him. And he delivers. She asks Jason to leave so she can be alone with him.

And begins her confession, asking James why he did something so selfless. He tells her that he believes vampires choose to forfeit their souls. And then shows her that the humans broke his fangs as his punishment.

She tells him that Hep V is in the True Blood, and not to drink it.

He says he never really believed the whole immortality thing, but now that he is going to die, he wishes he had told his dad he was proud to be his son.

And Jessica says that the only things she wants is for him to make love to her, because she’s never been with a vampire, and wants to know what all the hoopla is about, and that he has this humanity coursing through him.

They make some hot love.

Bill shows up at Arlene’s, and shows everyone he can walk in the light. He confronts Andy, but they make peace as fathers. Very weird.

And then he asks to talk to Sookie and asks her to help him find Warlowe to save his progeny. “Bring me Warlowe, and soon,” he demands.

Willa finds Pam and tells her not to drink the bad fake blood.

And then Pam sees her shrink, who obviously has a thing for her and entertains him with her thoughts on human desire. “So you want inside my head? How deep do you want to go?”

“Very deep.” he says.

She asks to be put in gen pop and he promises that can be arranged.

Sarah finds Jason and tells him the Governor is dead, slices his arm and throws him into female gen pop where Tara saves him.

Same time next week? Only three episodes left.

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