Love Conquers All in Wedding Fever Series

Posted on Apr 26 2013 - 8:41pm by Katelyn Connor

Picture-879Love truly conquers all in two-time award winner Fiona Lowe’s newest romance novel Saved by the Bride. Book one of the series Wedding Fever is a perfect read that encompasses the full dynamic of love and marriage- from the good to the struggle and back again. Readers follow Annika Jacobson and Finn Callahan as they venture through a summer of family, business, and steamy romance.

Annika Jacobson, failed artist and acting mayor of her small town Whitetail, is desperate to save the town from financial demise. With the economy in shambles, Whitetail is desperate for a new business that will save them from rock bottom. When she realizes that the business tycoon Callahan family vacations right outside the town, nothing can stop her from making a business deal with the father to save her beloved home. Nothing except perhaps his handsome son and savvy businessman Finn Callahan.

Finn loathes the idea of spending time with his broken family, but this summer seems particularly dreadful as he is pressured to run his family’s business within the cabin they all share. However, he doesn’t expect a beautiful blonde to fall into his life- literally- and change everything about his summer, his family, and the way he views love.

This romance novel is a feel good book that will take you far away from your daily life and into the steamy summer on the Callahan property. You’ll be taken in by the secrets of all the characters’ past lives, and how they are either buried or awoken. The plot is captivating, the characters likable, and the setting magnificent. It’s the perfect summer read, any day of the year.

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