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A Modern Marriage: A Memoir
By Christy and Mark Kidd

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This book is a diary of sorts about the marriage of Christy Kidd and Mark Kidd. It takes us through the process of how a happy, loving and committed married couple decides to explore the titillating lifestyle of swingers. The decision on whether to open themselves into a swinging couple is made together with openness and complete honesty about what they will and won’t do with another person. With the added agreement that they will tell each other everything, and if at any time either wants to leave the lifestyle, they will do it together.

The journey of this married couple is not without its hiccups. As with anything else, they must experiment to find what they are looking for. They go through a plethora of experiences before they finally find where they belong. They enter into the main stream of swingers, attending special clubs and parties. They meet some new friends and encounter new lovers.

I was surprised about the book. Originally, I felt the book was going to be a story how a loving marriage was ruined by experimenting and living the swinger lifestyle. Instead, it detailed the struggles that the couple endured during the entire process. They planned everything out like types of sexual experiences they would and would not participate in. They had to kiss some frogs to find their niche. Once they truly discovered the swingers’ world, they controlled who and what they would do.
I feel that I was ignorant about swingers. I, like many others, believed stereotypes. When I thought about swingers, I pictured naked adults having orgies with no one really quite knowing or caring to know who was doing what to whom, just that it was enjoyable. This book clearly negates any stereotypes about the lifestyle. Participants must enter and leave as a couple; there are no singles allowed. Body language, not words, are the key to understanding the individual. A simple touch on the shoulder or the turn of the head lets others know if they are welcomed or not.

Ultimately, the story is and remains about love. Their love and commitment to their marriage begins and ends with each other.
-Michele Douglas

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