Nobody’s Happy : True Blood, Season Six, Episode 3

Posted on Jul 2 2013 - 10:05am by Lori Perkins

Sookie and Jason’s Faery Grandfather (who you remember we learned is also King of the Fey) has a name – Grandpa Niall. And a purpose – killing Warlow, who killed his family, and now, we discover quite gruesomely, has annihilated the entire faery population of Bon Temps leaving a wake of blood that reverberates with pain and suffering when Grandpa Nel zaps it. Quite disturbing.

And Billith. Poor, sweet semi-insane Billith. Having communed with his Lilith goddess muses, Bill is convinced that he can see the future, and that it involves all his vampire pals burning and dying the True Death. So he decides that since he was able to pull that stake right out of his heart without much stress, he can now walk in the sun. Jessica watches as he ignites at dawn and saves his sorry ass.

Meanwhile, back in vampland, Eric has taken the Governor’s daughter (who also has a name, Amelia) to hide out in Ginger’s human abode with fellow vampire refugees Pam and Tara, who are anything but happy campers. Lying awake by his side in a coffin for two, she explains that her daddy hates vampires because her mother ran off with one, and that she kind of likes vampires too. There’s some very hot blood licking between the two. Oh, there’s also a vampire experiment and research facility set up by Daddy where they are torturing every vampire they find (ad we’ve seen a glimpse of it earlier when we see captured vampire Reverend Newlin’s touching re-union with his vampire-hating ex-wife, Sarah).

But Daddy’s located Eric and Amelia them, and when he comes to get his daughter, it turns out Tara and Pam have disappeared with her.

But wait, there’s more.

Sam manages to re-kidnap Emma, the werecub, from the company of wolves with some help from the very scared Vampire Unity Society, who are obviously out of their league.

While Bill asks Sookie for some of her faery blood to make a vaccine for his kind and is honestly shocked – shocked – when she tells him no. He tells her “you are dead to me.” It’s a great line.

Oh, and the only faeries left to fight the war against Warlow with Grandpa Niall are Ben (remember him?) and the four faery daughters of Andy Bellefleur, who are now tweens.

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