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Soft Shatter
by Dany Rae Miller

Shavone is one of the witches investigating the disappearance of her sister, Val. She was last seen with a wolf from the Native clan at the Dollhouse, a popular club. She decides she needs to get more information, so she applies for a job at the club. When she arrives at the interview, the owner of the Dollhouse and Alpha of the Native wolves, Enrique Cruz, approaches her. With some sweet-talking and strong convincing, she gets the job. The only problem is that she is completely intoxicated by him. Her body betrays her mind; she desires him with all her heart.

Enrique Cruz has a history with Shavone–one that she has been made to forget so that she could be safe. When he sees her again face to face, he is stunned at how beautiful she is and is immediately protective of her. It has been too long; it is time for him to claim her as his own.

There are other wolves who want Shavone too. Her friend and martial arts teacher, Nash LaFontaine, is the alpha of the French wolves. He attached to her when they were young, and has loved her most of his life. He has kept her at arms-length by taking on the role as friend and confidant. When she meets and starts to date his cousin, Ben, Nash realizes it is time to make his feelings known, or risk losing her to another wolf. The change in his behavior shocks her as his innocent touches become provocative, his looks lustful and his body reeking with raw desire. She becomes torn between the man she loves and his cousin who she has strong feelings for. Her emotions will thrust her into insatiable lust and hot, explosive, mindboggling sex.

Now her life is completely out of control. She is working in a strip club owned by a wolf who she cannot get out of her head. She has two hot wolves basically fighting over her, and she is trying to find out what happened to her sister. As she remembers who she truly is, she will make important discoveries that will change the course of her life. She will be forced to make decisions that she never knew she was ever a part of.
Wow, this book is incredible–how all the lives are interwoven is genius. The story and the history Shavone has with all these characters is unique. Each wolf attaches to her in his own way. Although she seems fragile and oblivious to things, she is a strong-willed, stubborn woman who fights for what she believes and wants. She has a great intuition about people even if she doesn’t abide by it.

The sex was extremely hot and it wasn’t quickly glossed over like most books are. There is one chapter after another of hot sex. Each one more provocative then the other. I am looking forward to reading the next story of our incredibly hot wolves and beautiful witch.

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to be given a copy of the book by the author, herself. Thank you for allowing me to read this book and I can’t wait to read more.

-Michele Douglas

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