The Battle of Fangtasia – True Blood, Season 7, episode 4

Posted on Jul 14 2014 - 10:51am by Lori Perkins


We start this episode with Sookie calling Alcide’s weredaddy to tell him that his son is dead, followed by Jason calling Hoyt Fortenberry to tell him his mom is dead, but he’s been so glammored that he doesn’t even remember that Jason and Jessica are the reason why he’s working on the Alaskan pipeline.

Meanwhile Eric and Pam are heading back to the US with s stop-over in Shreveport so he can check in on his progeny, Willa, and reminisce about his early days in the 1980’s as the proprietor of a cheesy video store that later became the vampire nightclub Fangtasia. Nice glimpse of Ginger as a young vampire loving college student who informs Pam that “Eric Northman is sex on a throne.”

And Sookie has decided that she is going to find Arlene, so she uses her telepathic ability to read Holly’s glammored mind and learns that they are all being held captive in the former Fangtasia nightclub.

Sam gets into the Fangtasia dungeon as a rat to tell Arlene and Nicole that the good vampires are coming to save them, but it’s almost too late as they have taken Arlene to drink her blood. Eric brings Sookie as vampire bait to the diseased vampires, as his “good” vampires get ready to attack, which they do , as a troupe of humans also descend upon the club. There’s a battle to the death with only the good humans and vampires surviving, as Arlene almost dies, hallucinating that Terry has come for her, but then she is saved by vampire blood.

So no major character died this week.

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