The Best Way to Enjoy Mad Men: A Roundup

Posted on Apr 5 2013 - 8:19pm by Meredith Collins

Picture-629We all know that Mad Men Season Six Premieres Sunday with a giant two hour episode (be still my heart)! But I want to share a few links that will have you in peak Don Draper loving or hating form.


Let’s start with the bible, the Mad Men Bible compiled by the really well-written TV blog Basketful of Kisses. I hope we all get that callback to season 1. This is a labor of love with just piles of information (including spoilers), from episode recaps, music details, and a list a mile long of cultural references made within the show.


Here’s a great overview of promotional materials and teasers for the upcoming season.


A NY Times piece about the larger themes and shifts of season 6. It’s pretty down on Don, but gives us good reasons to care about the upcoming season. Hint, it’s all about the ladies.


The one piece of official Mad Men press I’m going to include is the costume blog Fashion File. It goes through the wardrobe choices from both a style and costuming perspective and really reveals how significant the clothes are to the show. They highlight facets of characterization, draw connections between plotlines, and reinforce themes, all while looking gorgeous. It’s a great blog with both content and eye candy.

The premiere airs Sunday evening at 9pm on AMC.

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