The Kitchen Sink Episode: True Blood – Season 7, Episode 5

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Willa, Eric’s progeny, asks Erik to release her from his command, in exchange for giving him the location of Sarah Newlin’s sister. It turns out that Sarah Newlin’s sister Amber is a vampire who lives in Dallas.

Now that all the infected vampires at Fangtasia are dead, Ginger wants to go with Eric (and Pam), or to finally be turned into a vampire, and reminds him that she has been his sex slave without sex for 15 years.

Meanwhile Sookie mourns Alcide, whose father has arrived in Bon Temps and plans to throw a wake that will shake the dead.

Eric finds Amber, who is also infected with Hep V, and anxious to get with the killing Sarah Newlin program. Turns out Sarah is in Dallas at a Bush gala with her family.

And Letty May, addicted to vampire blood, is trying to convince her preacher husband to let her go to the wake where she’s hoping to score some V, where Andy finally pops the question to Holly, who says yes to his proposal before he even makes it.

Out on the porch, Lafayette makes a play for Jessica’s boyfriend, James. And Jessica finds them fucking in the car. After Jessica throw a bitch fit and has James’ invitation to Sookie’s house rescinded, Lafayette tells her that if she doesn’t really love him, he’ll take over from there.

But that’s OK because Jessica and Jason get it on for old times’ sake and you know Violet isn’t happy with that.

Meanwhile vampire Bill flashes back to his Civil War days on the underground railroad when he tried to save a slave, who seems to remind him of Sam’s pregnant girlfriend, who bums the party out by reminding everyone that having a party after all the shit they’ve just been through is weird.

Meanwhile, Pam and Eric prepare to take down the Dallas Republication party. And Pam tries on a designer dress and comments that she is now a “Republicunt,” by far the best line in the episode. Although seeing Eric dressed as a Republican cowboy is certainly entertaining.

Sarah meets her mom in the Ladies Room and says she needs some help and asks her mom to get Laura Bush because the Yakuza are after her. And they are.

They show up at the Republican fundraiser and kill just about everyone, until a fleeing Sarah runs rights into Eric.

And we close this kitchen sink episode with a shot of Bill looking at himself in a mirror (yes, these vampires CAN see their own reflections) and realizing that he, too, is infected with Hep V and that his vampire life is about to come to a real end.

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