The Man Who Holds the Whip by Shoshanna Evers

Posted on Dec 18 2014 - 6:35pm by Brooke Emmich


When Grace discovers her gorgeous ex-boyfriend Ian broke her heart three years ago so he could pursue a career as a Dom on a BDSM internet porn site, she never expected to be intrigued…and aroused. Ian looks damn good holding that whip. But can a girl who’s always considered herself “vanilla” fire up her kinky side for love? To find out, she’s going to audition for a chance to play Ian’s sexual submissive—and maybe find her way back into his heart.

The Man Who Holds the Whip is a 28,000 word MaleDom BDSM erotic romance novella from bestselling erotica author Shoshanna Evers.

If I had to choose between reading the print version or the audio version of this novella, I would definitely prefer the audio edition because Scarlett Day’s narration alone makes the story come to life. I could never have seen what the author, Shoshanna Evers wanted me to without her guiding me through it.
As far as my favorite characters go, I loved Grace from the beginning! I loved Ian too, but it wasn’t until he started to show his protectiveness – jealousy, and dominance for Grace. Grace and Ian both still cared for each other, but Grace was the one who reached out first. She also committed to changing her “Vanilla” lifestyle just to be with Ian. Even though, most people would consider her the “submissive” in their relationship, she is still lively and opinionated. She never hesitates to tell Ian what she thinks and keeps him on his toes.
Scarlett Day did a wonderful job narrating and portraying both Grace and Ian. I never felt she had to overcompensate for the male POV or the SUPER STEAMY scenes, which was very impressive to me. In romance audiobooks, some narrator’s “sexy scenes” can be over the top and make you blush, mostly because you feel uncomfortable (bad) for them trying to narrate something they obviously are not comfortable doing. This is definitely not the case for Scarlett, thank goodness.

I really enjoyed The Man Who Holds the Whip for two main reasons. One being, that even though this is a short novella, Shoshanna does not waste a second getting to the point and down to business, literally. The second being, when the story ended, I did not feel like I was unsatisfied or missing anything with the characters and story line, which in my opinion, is very hard for a lot of authors to accomplish, especially in one novella. I am not saying I wouldn’t love to hear more about these characters in the future. I would love an update of “their journey” in the future, if you know what I mean! 😉 Great job Shoshanna and Scarlett!

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