The Prodigal Dragon Returns and Jon Snow is Elected, But All is Still Not Right in this World

Posted on Apr 20 2015 - 1:48pm by Lori Perkins

Games of Thrones
Season 5, Episode 2


And how could it be? George R. Martin is nowhere near finished these books, so the pace of the show has slowed down to catch up with his writing (we all hope).

This episode opens with Aria Stark deposited on the doorstep of the House of Black and White where she shows a coin and utters some magic words, but is turned away by someone by a black actor. She spends the night outside the doors in the rain, throws the supposedly magic coin into the sea and walks off. Only to be found later in the episode and led back to the House of Black and White, where the black man rips off his face and we are greeted by the white Jaqen H’ghar, the assassin from season 2.

Sansa and Lord Bailish are in a pub where Lady Brienn and her page are supping. When Brienn tells Sansa that she had pledged to her mother to look after her, Sansa and Peyter dismiss her after extolling her failure to keep any of the dead Starks alive, but she refuses to be dismissed. She knows that Littlefinger’s intentions with Sansa can’t be good, even if the girl doesn’t, so she follows her anyway.

Back at King’s Landing, Cersei decides she is going to lead things until her 13 year-old son “comes of age,” but her Uncle Kevan makes it very clear that he will not be taking orders from “the Queen Mother.” Meanwhile, Cersei reveals to Jamie that she is worried about their daughter who is in Dorne. Jamie promises to go to Dorne and bring back their daughter who is betrothed to the brother of Oberyn, who has just been killed and blames all the Lannisters for his death.

Revolt is full fledged in Meereen, where Deanery’s’ lover has found the Son of Harpy who has been instigating rebellion. She is counseled to kill hum, but she insists upon a fair trial (unlike her father, who we learn was known as the Mad King and was remembered for his ruthlessness). When one of her freed slaves on her own counsel kills the man awaiting trial, she has him killed, which in itself starts a riot. But all is not bad. Her missing dragon has come back to visit. Is this an omen?

And then Jon Snow is offered legitimate Starkery by Stannis to rule over Winterfell, if he only leaves the Night Watch and the Wall. Before Snow can even tell him to shove it, there is an election for Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch and Sam nominates Snow with a speech about how everyone knows he’s already their leader. And, of course, he wins.

I think we’re now ready for episode 3, which I do hope will move just a little faster.


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