True Blood Joins the Walking Dead – Season Finale

Posted on Aug 22 2013 - 12:14pm by Lori Perkins


OK, let me just say this now. This was the kitchen sink season of supernatural creatures and situations. We had werewolves, shifters, vampires, faeries, vampfaeries and Sookie, the telepath. And let’s not forget power-crazed humans, the most dangerous of all.

I kept on asking myself where the hell the writers were going to go after this.

But they hit it out of the park.

So, when we left our cast of characters, they had just witnessed Terry Bellfleurs’ funeral and we, as viewers, were meant to realize how precious life can be.

This week’s episode opens with Sookie and Alicide making goo-goo eyes at each other, even as we know that Sook is about to marry Warlow and become a vampire/faery princess. The day-walking, faierie blood-drunk vamps come traipsing through the graveyard, taking off their clothes and swooning in the sun. Sookie sees Jason, who had missed the Bellefleur funeral, but before she could castigate him, he introduces her to Violet, who is already wild with jealousy, ready to doubt Jason’s assertion that Sookie is sister. But Sookie tells her that she is Jason’s sister in a foul-mouthed stream of expletives, and that Violet believes, so much so, that she places a rather bold kiss on Sookie’s lips, as Jason mumbles, “I’m with her now.” Sookie reminds Jason about her own experience dating a vampire and warns Jason to be careful, but we know Jason is incapable of that.

Meanwhile in Faeryland, Warlow is building a Maypole for the up-coming nuptials. Sookie arrives and he explains the complicated ceremony to her, but she decides to ask him they could slow things down a bit and date now that there’s no ticking clock. She tells him that an eternity shouldn’t be based on more than a bargain. Warlow says, “Date? Like drive in movies,” and before she can really explain her position, he slaps her across the face and ties her to the Maypole, explaining that he has waited 5500 years for her, reminding us of his true colors.

Pam is not enjoying her moment in the sun. She asks Tara if Willa has realized that Eric isn’t among them. Tara realizes Pam is going to go after him, and shouts as she leaves, “You guys are the worst makers ever.”

And poor vampire Bill is back to being vampire Bill again. His days as a god are over. He tells Jess that the ability to day-walk is Sookie’s gift and it has come at a price, which is Sookie’s promise to marry Warlow. Jess reminds him that he once asked her to remind him of his humanity, and tells him that he must save Sookie who saved them all. Bill brings in Jason, and Violet, who never lets him out of sight now, and they convince Andy’s sole-surviving faery daughter to open the faery portal for them.

They arrive in faeryland just in time. Violet grabs Sookie and brings her back home, while Bill fights Warlow. And back in Sookie’s home, Grandpa Nail emerges from wherever Warlow threw him to hold Warlow long enough (when he follows Sookie back home), so that Jason can stake him. And Warlow dies the true death.

Meanwhile in Are, Sweden, Eric is nude sun-bathing (full frontal here) in the snow reading a book and bursts into flames as Warlow dies.

And then we jump ahead six months, which I have to say was very startling.

Alcide and Sookie are now a happy domestic couple watching Bill Compton promote his best-selling book And God Bled on the Lawrence O’Donnell show.

And Jason and Violet are finally having sex – sort of. After a rather vocal orgasm on Violet’s part, Jason’s head comes up and he sheepishly mentions that he has given her 178 orgasms without the favor being returned, and she tells him once again, “all in due time.” This will certainly be an interesting relationship to watch next season.

Sam is now the Mayor of Bon Temps. Arlene has bought Merlotte’s and it is now known as the Bellfleur Bar & Grill, which is hosting a vampire/human meet & greet because packs of Hep V-infected vampires are now roving the country-side. Vampire Bill and Mayor Merlotte have suggested that humans and uninfected vampires enter into a monogamous feeding relationship to protect one another.

We see Jessica and James are still together at the party. We know Jason and Violet are a pair. And then we see Tara and Willa, who have not found a human.

Tara’s mother finds her and asks to speak to her alone, so Tara takes her to a back room of Bellefleur’s where her mother apologizes for all her maternal sins of the past, which included sometimes not even feeding her for days. She asks Tara to let her feed her now, and Tara agrees, hungrily. It is a memorable scene.

Jessica goes to Andy Bellefleur’s and offers to protect him and his faery daughter, but he refuses and closes the door in her face.

Bill finds Sookie and offers her his protection, but she has Alcide now, and doesn’t trust him, so she too refuses.

And them a horde of infected vamps descends upon Bon Temps.

They act and look like zombies.

Can you see where this is going next season? I, for one, can’t wait!

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