True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 5: Another One Bites

Posted on Jul 9 2013 - 2:13am by Lori Perkins


So in this episode, we learn why Ben is so interested in Sookie. He’s Warlow.

But not only is he Warlow, we learn that Warlow is Lilith’s progeny (son of the Goddess) and that he is also a faery, which makes him a pretty powerful supernatural creature. Is he a Fampire? A Vaery? Whatever.

We learn this because Jason is comatose after his encounter with Bill. Sookie is afraid he will die, and after realizing there is no vampire blood around to heal him, calls 911. As she does this, Ben/Warlow exposes his fangs, opens a vein and pours some vampire blood into Jason, who is immediately revived.

Which later on causes Jason to have a homoerotic dream about Ben involving a straight razor. The scene where he asks Nail, his faery grandfather, if he ever had dreams that weren’t so “straight” as a faery is pretty funny.

Meanwhile, Eric gets the governor’s daughter back from Tara and turns her, telling her that she is the only the second vampire he has created in his 1000 years of existence. And then he sends her back to Daddy, whom she attacks, and we expect she will be sent back to vampire rehab camp in the next episode. We also learn that Daddy and Sara Newlin (Vampire Rev. Newlin’s ex-wife) has something really important she has to tell Daddy, and it can’t wait. Bet she’s pregnant, just like we all knew Ben was Warlow (subtly is not this shows forte, but, hey, that’s why we like it).

Andy Bellefleur’s faery daughters literally grow up before our eyes (they actually get into bed at 10 and are 18 when the lights go back on) and they decide to steal the patrol car and go out and party “before we wake up and we’re 30.” Bill, who has a thing for faery blood, sends Jessica after them and she convinces them to come to her house and party, where she has conveniently kidnapped and held prisoner the chemist who had created TruBlood, the synthetic blood drink that has made vampire/human compatibility possible. Bill is taking samples of their faery blood and forcing scientist Takahasi to analyze it so Bill can make his vampire minions able to walk in the sun (like Ben – see, there’s a thread here).

But he leaves the delicious faery girls alone with Jessica too long and she drains them all. Or that’s what we think by the end of episode 4.

And, BTW, Pam and Nora have been captured by the LAVTF, and Sam has holed up in a hotel with werecub Emma and Nicole, the new girl, who he is already kissing 72 hours after Luna’s death.

Meanwhile, Sookie has figured out Ben’s bullshit, after finding a drop of blood on the floor near where Jason lay that shimmers like the blood found at the Faery nightclub massacre. She invites him to her house for some home-cooked food – laced with silver nitrate.

Tune in next week.

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