True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Recap

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 12:41pm by Lori Perkins


Looks Like Sookie Has a New Man – and He’s a Fairy

So, this episode starts out with a revelation – the man who picked Jason up on the road is not Warlowe, but Jason’s Fairy grandfather – and its just one fairy revelation after another all episode long.

And no sex. What is this HBO season coming to?

Anyway, it turns out that Jason and Sookie have a Fairy grandfather, who happens to be the King of the Fey, making them half-prince and princess. Turns out Fairy Grandfather’s parents were also killed by Warlowe, but he has the secret weapon to kill him, which he shares with Sookie, which is a kind of fairy super-nova. Obviously this season is going to culminate in a war between the vampire and fairy kings.

As well as a war between humans and vampires and any other supernatural being you might want to throw into the mix.

Last episode, when the police came to Fantasia to inform Pam that she was no longer able to operate her vampire business, Tara defended her and was shot. Turns out, Tara’s not healing. She has been shot with the new human-against-vampire silver bullet laced with ultra-violet light. Wowza! Luckily Eric is able to remove it.

Meanwhile, back at Bill’s, Jessica becomes increasly worried that Bill is in some vampire/god coma (we see Bill’s visions of his communing with his vampire goddess muses). After praying to what she hopes is Bill the vampire god as though he were Jesus (very strange and amusing), she bring him a human feeder, whom he drains to a husk in a very memorable scene like something out of Death Becomes Her. And Bill seems much better after that.

Meanwhile Eric has had it with vampire/human abuse and decides to visit the Governor and teach him a lesson. Dressed as a mild-mannered Save-the-Cranes activist, he tries to glamour the Governor, only to learn that the Governor is wearing protective lenses that can battle the vampire mesmerization. Eric is captured, but escapes and decides to get even with the Governor though his young and rebellious daughter.

But, wait. There’s more.

Alcide and the monster-in-law show up at Sam’s and kidnap Emma, the werecub. And this happens after a night at Merlotte’s where Sam is approached by a group of fellow supernaturals who implore hum to stand up for his paranormal rights (so I hope you got the political allegory there).

And poor Andy Bellefleur continues to have a hard time with his fairy brood.

Oh, and did I mention that it looks like Sookie has a new beau, and this time he’s a Halfling (no, not a hobbit), just like her. She is an equal opportunity supernatural dater, afterall. After finding Fairy Ben on the road, she takes him home, patches him up, and leads him to the Fairy Oasis on the outskirts of town.

Can’t wait to see how Bill and Eric deal with Fairy Ben!

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