Vampire Bait: True Blood – Season 7, Episode 3

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 2:36pm by Lori Perkins


So I’m not going to pussyfoot around here. This is the final season where all your favorite characters die.

They killed Alcide in this episode.

But I’ll get to that later.

We open with our good friend Sarah Newlin doing yoga with some rather meek brown hair. Say what?

And then we’re back on planet Bon Temps where the townsfolk are armed and dangerous killing any supernatural creature they can find, including Sam’s vampire protector. They even threaten Jason and Andy, but Andy shoots Mrs. Fortenberry dead (finally, someone shut her up), and that disperses the mob.

Meanwhile Sookie has placed herself in the middle of nowhere, cutting her flesh as vampire bait to the infected as she blames herself for unleashing this whole cataclysm on her town. Vampire Bill waits in the tree above her to save her when the inevitable infected vampire mob comes and she reminisces about how he called her “vampire bait,” when he first took her to Fantasia.

When Bill asks her if she loves Alcide, she confesses that she doesn’t think she loves him enough which is a giant announcement for what’s coming next. The infected vampires find her, as both Sam and Alcide rush to protect her, and Alcide is shot, dead. When Jessica asks Sookie if she wants her to change him, she says she’s already been down that road, and we are left wondering who will be Sookie’s next love victim?

We’ve also been flashing back and forth to Erik and Pam in France, where Erik is reminiscing about a winemaker’s daughter he once loved and lost in the 19080’s. He had to choose Pam over her when the Vampire Corporation (makers of TruBlood) came to make him behave. They are vampires in black working with good old Nan from the Vampire Authority (you remember Eric and Bill gave her a dose of True Death in Season 4?).

As Pam confronted her maker about his lack of lust for life, she tells him that she felt Tara’s True Death when she was in Morocco. He tells her the world has been his oyster for the past 1000 years, but he has lost his taste for oyster.

“Well, how would you feel if I told you that Jason Stackhouse let Sarah Newin live?”

Eric is up and ready to find our very good friend.

And so are the Vampire Corporation’s men in black.

We see Sarah again in bed with her yoga instructor who sends her to his wine cooler to pick a perfect red after an afternoon delight. While she is choosing, they kill her yogi when he refuses to tell them where she is.

Let’s hope Sarah’s the next to get it in the next episode.

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