What’s This Afterlife Coming to? True Blood: Season 7, Episode 6

Posted on Jul 28 2014 - 10:57am by Lori Perkins


The episode opens with Eric beating the shit out of the Yakuza, and getting tired, until he sees that they have Pam, in silver chains, and then he surrenders and Sarah Newlin escapes again. The Yakuza now have Eric and Pam in front of a giant digital clock ticking down the time until dawn. “Our first sunrise together,” Eric says to Pam.

Jessica overhears Bill getting his affairs in order now that he has Hep V, so he makes an appointment with a vampire lawyer whose waiting room is filled to the brim with vampires settling their affairs before the true death. After she tells him that he has no legal rights to leave his estate to his progeny, other than to adopt Jessica (which could take up to 5 months and Bill’s Hep V is advancing rapidly), he asks if there is a short cut. When she tells him that the only way to fix this it to jump to the head of the line for $10 million, Bill says she is extorting him like those who preyed on the dead and dying in the Civil War, and she starts listing all the vampire crimes she has listened to in the last few days. So Bill stabs her with a letter opener and walks away.

Meanwhile Lettie May and Lafayette trip the light fantastic on James’ vampire blood (Lettie May insists that Tara is trying to tell her something.). And we see a vision of Tara on a cross in a white dress held there by a yellow snake until Lafayette and Lettie May free her. They follow her through a wooded area as she spews gibberish and digs in the backyard of her childhood home.

Jason comes home to a seductive Violet (after he has reconnected with Jessica), but Jessica calls to ask him to bring Sookie to save Bill and Violet goes ballistic when Jason leaves (now that’s my Violet). As Jason returns to break up with her, he finds her love nest in shambles with a note that says, “Jason, this relationship isn’t working for me. Over.” But we know Jason is dumb as a door mouse, so you know she’s setting him up (and she is).

Sarah shows up at her sister’s apartment and tells her that she is the walking cure to the Hep V virus because she drank the antidote. Interesting Christ/blood theme/twist here, if you’re into that kind of thing.

When Eric and Pam and the Yakuza come to Amber’s door, she is miraculously cured.

Meanwhile Violet has tracked the teen lovers (and possible step-siblings to-be) Adilyn and Wade to where they have run away (a tree house) and offered them sanctuary. You just know no good will come of this.

The episode ends with Sookie being tested for the Hep V Virus and learning that she is a carrier. She is the reason Bill is infected. Sarah Newlin is the cure.

No wonder this episode ended with a song titled Karma playing the blues in the background, “Maybe you deserve it, this little thing called karma.”

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