Wildalone: A Smashing Debut

Posted on Jan 14 2015 - 1:38pm by Samantha L. Scown

wildalone cover

Wildalone by Krassi Zourkova is a contemporary paranormal romance about a young girl from Bulgaria, Thea Slavin, who has just come to America to study abroad at Princeton University. Thea is a gorgeous girl, extremely accomplished at the piano, excited to start her next chapter in life in America when she discovers a dark secret about her family. Thea finds herself skipping the normalcy of a college life and opting instead for detective work into family secrets. Thea also catches herself falling for two Princeton men, brothers, the dark and elusive Rhys and the mysterious and noble Jake.

Wildalone brilliantly weaves Greek mythology throughout Thea’s story. A wonderful blend of the modern and Ancient Greek worlds, Wildalone left me craving to turn the page. The mix of Thea’s haunted past, bright future, and confusing present will leave you breathless. Wildalone is a perfect blend of supernatural, modern romance, and young adult genres. The romantic scenes are sexy and intriguing while the supernatural aspect seamlessly weaves into the storyline without overdoing it. The ending was the perfect set up for a sequel — and Ms. Zourkova confirmed that Wildalone is the first in a series — as this story is too good to leave off on a cliffhanger.

Kudos to Krassi Zourkova, on a great debut novel, that seems perfect for an adaptation on the big or small screen.

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