A Surprise Proposal

Posted on Apr 2 2013 - 7:34pm by Jenna Carafa

She said “I do”….at a public library. Jason had planned an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend Molly in the Thomas Hughes Children’s Library. Sharing a great love of books and libraries Jason couldn’t think of a more perfect place to pop the question. With much planning, Jason wrote a book about how the pair met and had it bound and hidden within the shelves of the library to be checked out by none other than Molly herself. With some help, Molly “found” their story and she said YES! It’s nice to see that Jason and Molly got their happily ever after!

About the Author

Loves old crinkled books, the smell of books, and especially books from garage sales. No longer just the second runner up for prom queen. Trying to make history one sentence at a time. Heel fanatic. I dream about going to Paris, the city of love, with my best friend and sister as soon as college loans start paying themselves. Goal: to write the most romantic and twisted memoir that has ever hit the shelves. Young and learning. Find me on TWITTER

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